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Remembering Madiba’s Release & Dave’s Birthday…

We’ve just returned from a fabulous 2-week trip with family in Switzerland (which I’ll do a post about shortly), in time for today’s commemoration of the 20-year anniversary of Nelson Mandela’s release from Victor Verster prison (now the Drakenstein Correctional Centre).

Dave and I saw a snippet on CNN earlier which showed crowds of supporters outside the prison, with a giant statue of Madiba in the background. Returning from Europe on Monday, we spent 2 days in London, where I snapped this photo from our cab of another 9-foot high statue of him in Parliament Square (the one behind is of Sir Robert Peel, a previous Prime Minister of the UK).

Soon afterwards, we took a champagne flight on the London Eye, and celebrated Dave’s birthday in spite of the weather!!

Here’s a night-time pic of this stunning structure, which is well worth a whirl 🙂

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