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Photo’s from Soccer City

As promised in my last post, here are some pics from our sensational Soccer World Cup experience, starting with one of the trio sitting next to us on the train. They demonstrated just how it was done: South Africa for Africa – staying true to our roots sporting SA fan gear together with the Ghanaian flag!

FANS OF AFRICA – 2010 Soccer World Cup, Metrorail, Johannesburg Continue reading

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“Ke Nako!” (It’s Time!)

Tonight’s the night we head to South Africa’s flagship stadium, Soccer City near Soweto, Johannesburg, for the quarter-final match between Uruguay and Ghana. With all due respect and apologies to Uruguay, we’ll be yelling for Ghana, as Africa’s only remaining hope for a first ever semifinal spot in a World Cup tournament!

We have stunning seats, huge thanks to a friend of ours, as well as the disappointed English fan who he inherited them from. They are certainly not going to waste 🙂

WORLD CUP SOCCER TICKETS for quarter-finals at Soccer City! Continue reading

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2010 Soccer World Cup – Kick-off!

“AYOBA”! IT’S HERE: the hugely anticipated event on our SA calendar, as host nation to the 2010 Soccer World Cup! Flags are flying and vuvuzela‘s blaring, seemingly everywhere! I couldn’t resist wrapping up a teddy to share the spirit:

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On the Enduro Trail…

As you may already have gathered from this blog, Dave is an avid enduro rider and racer, participating in South Africa’s National Pro Masters Class and sponsored by Pro Action KTM, as well as Venture Sport, who are the importers of top biking gear such as Scott clothing, Airoh helmets, HGS performance exhaust pipes, TCX motocross and superbike boots, etc. He did them all proud on Saturday, winning gold at the Enduro World X-Country held at Serendipity Eco Trails near Modimolle (previously called Nylstroom). Unfortunately, I forgot to take our cameras along – a mistake I won’t repeat this weekend at Montagu!

Instead, here are a few photo’s that you may enjoy, which Dave took last month on a training trip in Lesotho. One of the things that must be said for this sport, is that it takes the competitors (and us fans) deep into the heart of some spectacular countryside!

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Enduro World Cross Country

Dave participated in the first SA enduro of the year on Saturday: the EWXC (Enduro World Cross Country) held at Arrow’s Rest near Hartebeespoort Dam (not far from Johannesburg). We took along our cameras to capture some of the mayhem 🙂

Here’s Dave getting ready to race on his Team Pro Action KTM motorbike, not realizing at the time that he’d broken a rib only a few days before…he has a pretty high pain threshold!!

Dave got the hole-shot in the Masters Class, before a sharp rock slashed his tyre during the first lap. This put him out of the race and was most disappointing for him, but surely saved his rib any more harm 🙂

For the rest of the field, though, there was a war to contend with!

A few of the big guns took on the challenge of the extreme enduro event – and boy, was it EXTREME! This is Wild Will Gillitt of www.wildwillracing.com in action. He was also responsible for setting the gnarly EWXC course!

For a look at some more pics, here’s a link to my Facebook album: EWXC Feb 2010
Continue reading

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Horseback Safari!

I was treated on Sunday to the most magical few hours horse-riding with wonderful friends and wild game. If you ever have this opportunity, do not pass it up!

We rode at a beautiful place near Hartebeespoort Dam (not far from Johannesburg), which stocks Wildebeest, Zebra, a variety of Buck, Jackal, Porcupines, among other things…and a gorgeous male giraffe. He is dubbed “George” by the locals, but is COMPLETELY WILD.

Here are a few stunning pics, courtesy of Tuija Jantunen (from Finland) and Andy Hanmer, which show something quite spectacular: Tuija and her mare Destiny interacting with the giraffe! We thought that loneliness may have made him more friendly, since his mate died a little while ago. The good news for George is that he will soon have some more females to play with 🙂

…and a pic of me with the awesome little gelding Warrior, who has the biggest heart and surest footing ever! THANK YOU, Warrior, beautiful boy!! HUGE thanks also to Shaun and Janice who let me ride him!!

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Congrats, Mika Kallio!

We were sorry to hear that Casey Stoner is unwell, but also thrilled for Mika Kallio, gaining a 3-race opportunity with the MotoGP factory Ducati. Well done, Mika – go for it!

We are particularly delighted since Dave had the chance to meet Mika at the recent WRC in Finland, courtesy of our new friend Pekka Vihma’s generous hospitality. Dave, being an ex-pro superbike racer, had much to chat about with Mika, who aside from being extremely talented, is a superb guy and most gracious. Here’s a pic of the two of them together:

Dave with Mika Kallio at Rally Finland

And one of Pekka in action. He drove an excellent rally, finishing 31st overall and 10th in his class!

Pekka Vihma in action at Rally Finland 2009

Our sincere thanks to Pekka and our other Finnish friends for the wonderful welcome they all gave us! Here’s a link to my Facebook album with a few more photo’s from our trip: Finland 2009. Continue reading

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The Magenta Penguin

I am blown away by something extremely special – kids in Cape Town helping conservation with The Magenta Penguin: ‘The Grade 2 class at St Cyprian’s Preparatory School wrote and illustrated a book called THE MAGENTA PENGUIN. 1000 copies of … Continue reading

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Confed Cup Football

Big congratulations to the USA for beating Spain into the finals of the Confederations Cup, in the biggest football upset in years! What a pleasure to be hosting the tournament here in South Africa. We’re holding thumbs for Bafana Bafana … Continue reading

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“Go big or go home!”

Just tweeted this in response to a question: ‘What’s your favourite quote?’. If not #1, it’s definitely up there. I first heard it years ago from Lance Klusener, ex-SA big-hitting cricketer, and he demonstrated it often. Thanks to him for … Continue reading

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