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FeverX Endurocross rocks Port Shepstone!

WOW, what an event!! Dave took part in the FeverX X-treme Endurocross, highlight of the Lions Show in Port Shepstone on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal earlier this month. I wielded the camera, partly to capture some of the action, and partly to help calm my nerves, because this one was OVER THE TOP. Huge high five to Denzil Torlage, ace Masters class racer, for setting a killer course. The consensus seems unanimous that this format is set to take off in South Africa, and here’s hoping it does. Spectators will flock!

Some of the most talented enduro riders in the country were there, led by Jade Gutzeit, national championship leader and legend in the making. Not to mention the home-town favourite. I’m so proud of Dave, coming third in the Seniors class, no mean feat considering he was the eldest by far! For anyone who’s unfamiliar with the sport, here’s a short sequence of him tackling some of the obstacles. If it looks tough, trust me it was tougher!

I’m sure you can see why my warrior was exhausted by the end:

. . . but not too tired to take over the camera and show me how action photography should really be done 🙂 This is a shot he took of Jade in winning form!

For a bunch more photo’s, here’s a link to Dave’s Facebook album: FeverX Enduro July 2010.
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Uruguay vs Ghana quarter-final (Audio & Video)

WHAT a game! WHAT an experience, from the moment we boarded Metrorail in Johannesburg, en route to Soccer City. African energy ROCKS! A huge hand to the organizers too. Everything ran smooth as silk, and we’re talking 84017 spectators! I … Continue reading

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2010 World Superbike & Supersport Championship – Kyalami

Being an ex-professional superbike racer and an accredited member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists, Dave loves few things more than attending an international race meeting, chatting to the riders and doing some fast-reflex photography. It was his particular pleasure that the last leg of the World Superbike and Supersport Championship was held here on our doorstep, at the Kyalami circuit in Johannesburg.

The weekend yielded flawless weather, awesome action and sensational wins by Eugene Laverty in the Supersport class:

EUGENE LAVERTY IN WINNING FORM – Kyalami Circuit, South Africa Continue reading

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2010 Soccer World Cup – bring it on!

There’s a super cool new Pepsi commercial (“Oh Africa”) doing the email rounds, which I’d like to share, in case you haven’t seen it. Many thanks to my sister for keeping me in the loop 🙂 Here’s a link to … Continue reading

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Hello from Finland

…and hope everyone in South Africa and the rest of the world is very well 🙂

We’re having a ball in this beautiful country – lakes and forests everywhere we turn. A particular highlight was seeing the archipelago of endless islands off the coastline as we flew in to Helsinki. Spectacular!! We’re holidaying here for two weeks, so special THANK YOU to our wonderful friends, Juoko & Tuija, and their friends in turn, for their fabulous hospitality.

We were privileged to watch the World Rally Championship this past weekend, from VIP venues around the track, witnessing the celebrations of Mikko Hirvonen’s win! Here’s a photo of him, taken by Dave:

Mikko Hirvonen in action - last stage of Rally Finland
Mikko Hirvonen in action – last stage of Rally Finland

At the moment Dave is out riding with Juoko and another friend, putting in some practise for the national enduro this coming Saturday. Tonight a sauna, followed by a dip in a lake. The sun only sets around 11pm, for two or three hours – we’re loving it here! Continue reading

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Bafana Bafana

Well done to Brazil, although it’s a pity they narrowly beat South Africa into the final of the Confed Cup. But what a performance by Bafana Bafana!!! You guys were sensational…can’t wait for 2010 when you’ll get to show the … Continue reading

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“Anyone can, but who will?”

I overheard this comment on TV last night, on an insert about a major golf tournament (i.e. who would win it?). Brilliant!!! It can be applied to just about anything, and definitely to writing a book. Apart from talent, the … Continue reading

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World Superbikes

On the subject of international sport, Joahnnesburg hosted the world superbikes this past weekend, at Kyalami. Dave, being an accredited photographer, had an absolute blast! It was fantastic to watch, and also to hear the commentary of our own star, Lance Isaacs. We’re proud of Sheridan Morias, South African rider who did well in both races, despite this being his first appearance in the series. Two of our nephews participated in the 600’s support race, Bjorn especially having a great ride, so well done to them! Unfortunately Regis Laconi had a serious accident. We were relieved to hear yesterday that things are looking much better for him. Our wishes go out for his swift recovery.

NORIYUKI HAGA - World Superbikes, Kyalami, South Africa
NORIYUKI HAGA – World Superbikes, Kyalami, South Africa

To view more of Dave’s images, here’s a link to his Facebook album: World Superbikes, Kyalami, 17 May 2009 or you can visit www.motorpics.co.za.

Dave raced professionally for nine years, representing South Africa at home and abroad, and still races motorbikes off-road. So does our friend, Tom Claasen, who’s done the Dakar Rally twice. His wife Sonja and I are thinking of writing a handbook for the wives of guys like these. It seems the need for speed, once in the blood, never recedes! Continue reading

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IPL cricket

We really enjoyed going to one of the IPL cricket games last night. Although the Indians are no doubt sad not to be hosting the series at home, it’s a pleasure to be doing so in South Africa. I’m so … Continue reading

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