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SA’s Champion Lady Racer

Petite Nicole van Aswegen is perfectly at home mixing it up with the men. On the race track, no less. She and Janine Mitchell are the only two women who regularly compete in South Africa’s National Super Sport motorcycle racing class. As the 2010 – and first ever – winner of our all ladies’ 600cc class, Nicole was featured in last month’s issue of MCSA (MotorcyclingSA Magazine). Here’s a scan of the article:

Scan of Motorcycling SA’s article on Nicole van Aswegen

It was my pleasure to do Nicole’s promotional shoot, producing the two studio pics in the spread. Here are two more, for a little fun and glamour:

Nicole van Aswegen (photograph by Naomi Estment, OV&P Studio)

Nicole van Aswegen (photograph by Naomi Estment, OV&P Studio)

Nicole has achieved a lot, since starting out in 2006 on a 50cc bike. Gym and kick boxing keep her in peak condition, while she also works in the motorcycle industry, as a successful rep for MotoSport Distribution. Completely committed to racing, her heart is set on the international arena. In the meantime, she’s focused on defending her SA Ladies Champ title here at home. Way to go, Nicole!

For info about our studio, or to view portfolio images, please visit www.ovpstudio.com.

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Raising ‘The Roof’!

What a WILD few days – The Roof of Africa 2010, which concluded on Saturday in Lesotho. Fittingly tough for “The Mother of Hardenduro”, it took no prisoners, conceding twenty-two gold medal finishers from a field of about two hundred and fifty. Twenty-four riders earned silver medals and a mere six took home the bronzes. Phenomenal achievements all! The war stories brought tears to the eyes and huge respect to the heart. This event that traverses the massive Maluti mountains, is not for sissies! Unfortunately, after a solid start, Dave’s race ended in a DNF when his motor blew halfway through Friday’s gruelling stint. Here are a few photo’s that tell a snippet of our story:

Team Ysterperd’s opening pit talk – Roof of Africa 2010

Bike Prep – Roof of Africa 2010

DAVE racing ‘around the houses’ on Thursday – Roof of Africa 2010

Parked in Friday’s boggy pits – Roof of Africa 2010

DAVE’s bike in Friday’s starting queue – Roof of Africa 2010

DAVE pulling off on Friday – Roof of Africa 2010

Team Ysterperd pit crew doing their thing – Roof of Africa 2010

Team Ysterperd pit crew at another DSP – Roof of Africa 2010

DAVE in good humour at the end of his race – Roof of Africa 2010

Ramabanta DSP – Roof of Africa 2010

Chilling at Ramabanta DSP – Roof of Africa 2010

Photographing on the dreaded Bushman’s pass – Roof of Africa 2010

Another view of Bushman’s pass – Roof of Africa 2010

Rider’s view of the finish line – Roof of Africa 2010

All in all, this year’s ‘Roof’ raised the bar. It was way better organized and more spectator-friendly than last year’s, drawing crowds of fans and some top international competitors. These were headed up by New Zealander Chris Birch, who won spectacularly for the third time in a row, followed by South Africa’s own Jade Gutzeit and Germany’s Andreas Lettenbichler, ‘Lettie’ for short. Here they are at the Red Bull finish line:

CHRIS BIRCH at the finish line – Roof of Africa 2010

CHRIS BIRCH’s smile after winning the Roof of Africa 2010

Jade Gutzeit at the finish line – Roof of Africa 2010

JADE GUTZEIT with his wife Rina after the Roof of Africa 2010

LETTIE tossing his bike – Roof of Africa 2010

LETTIE punching the air – Roof of Africa 2010

LETTIE after finishing The Roof of Africa 2010

Champagne on the podium – Roof of Africa 2010

To read more about all the guts and glory, visit: www.roof-of-africa.com, and for loads more photo’s, here’s a link to Dave’s Facebook album: Roof of Africa 2010.

Sincere THANKS to all our friends who helped us tremendously, huge CONGRATS to the winners and WELL DONE to everyone who took part! One thing’s for sure: our deposit will be paid the moment booking opens for next year.

Now, just in case you’re thinking the event is all about the riders, this video explains a whole lot more: Continue reading

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Daytona’s Debut Xtreme Enduro X

Time for some more bike action on the blog!

As mentioned in my last post, Dave took part in the Xtreme Enduro X at Daytona, here in Johannesburg, on Saturday. Talk about a hectic ride! He landed hard from this high drop-off during the first heat, damaging his ankles, which are still painfully swollen:

DAVE ESTMENT – Daytona Xtreme Enduro X, Sep 2010

Of course he continued – to win his semi-final convincingly. Unfortunately his chain came off twice in the final, contributing to a fourth place finish. Here are two more battle scenes, the first showing Dave (racing for Team Pro-Action KTM) fighting it out with Justin Hawley, who took a well-earned gold in the intermediate class:

JUSTIN HAWLEY & DAVE ESTMENT – Daytona Xtreme Enduro X, Sep 2010

DAVE ESTMENT – Daytona Xtreme Enduro X, Sep 2010

Meanwhile among the pro’s, masterful mayhem ruled. This is the start of one of their heats, showing Jade Gutzeit (#2 on the left) and Louwrens Mahoney (#3 on the right):

PRO CLASS START – Daytona Xtreme Enduro X, Sep 2010

Jade was leading their semi-final when his bike gave in. Accordingly disqualified from the final, he requested to ride anyway (for no position). The rest of the field agreed, gleefully insisting he did fifteen push-ups prior to starting. No problem for Jade. He not only complied, but raced on a borrowed bike to an unofficial fastest time.

Louwrens won first place, giving a great demo on how it’s done! This is him in action:

LOUWRENS MAHONEY – Daytona Xtreme Enduro X, Sep 2010

These pics show some more of the drama:

Daytona Xtreme Enduro X – Johannesburg, South Africa, Sep 2010

Daytona Xtreme Enduro X – Johannesburg, South Africa, Sep 2010

Daytona Xtreme Enduro X – Johannesburg, South Africa, Sep 2010

Special mention too to the only lady rider, Kirsten Landman, who rode excellently!

KIRSTEN LANDMAN – Daytona Xtreme Enduro X, Johannesburg, Sep 2010

By the end of the day, we all had filthy faces but loads of fun 😀 Great job on an awesome event, Greg & team, and WELL DONE EVERYONE!!

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2010 World Superbike & Supersport Championship – Kyalami

Being an ex-professional superbike racer and an accredited member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists, Dave loves few things more than attending an international race meeting, chatting to the riders and doing some fast-reflex photography. It was his particular pleasure that the last leg of the World Superbike and Supersport Championship was held here on our doorstep, at the Kyalami circuit in Johannesburg.

The weekend yielded flawless weather, awesome action and sensational wins by Eugene Laverty in the Supersport class:

EUGENE LAVERTY IN WINNING FORM – Kyalami Circuit, South Africa Continue reading

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On the Enduro Trail…

As you may already have gathered from this blog, Dave is an avid enduro rider and racer, participating in South Africa’s National Pro Masters Class and sponsored by Pro Action KTM, as well as Venture Sport, who are the importers of top biking gear such as Scott clothing, Airoh helmets, HGS performance exhaust pipes, TCX motocross and superbike boots, etc. He did them all proud on Saturday, winning gold at the Enduro World X-Country held at Serendipity Eco Trails near Modimolle (previously called Nylstroom). Unfortunately, I forgot to take our cameras along – a mistake I won’t repeat this weekend at Montagu!

Instead, here are a few photo’s that you may enjoy, which Dave took last month on a training trip in Lesotho. One of the things that must be said for this sport, is that it takes the competitors (and us fans) deep into the heart of some spectacular countryside!

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Enduro World Cross Country

Dave participated in the first SA enduro of the year on Saturday: the EWXC (Enduro World Cross Country) held at Arrow’s Rest near Hartebeespoort Dam (not far from Johannesburg). We took along our cameras to capture some of the mayhem 🙂

Here’s Dave getting ready to race on his Team Pro Action KTM motorbike, not realizing at the time that he’d broken a rib only a few days before…he has a pretty high pain threshold!!

Dave got the hole-shot in the Masters Class, before a sharp rock slashed his tyre during the first lap. This put him out of the race and was most disappointing for him, but surely saved his rib any more harm 🙂

For the rest of the field, though, there was a war to contend with!

A few of the big guns took on the challenge of the extreme enduro event – and boy, was it EXTREME! This is Wild Will Gillitt of www.wildwillracing.com in action. He was also responsible for setting the gnarly EWXC course!

For a look at some more pics, here’s a link to my Facebook album: EWXC Feb 2010
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Congrats, Mika Kallio!

We were sorry to hear that Casey Stoner is unwell, but also thrilled for Mika Kallio, gaining a 3-race opportunity with the MotoGP factory Ducati. Well done, Mika – go for it!

We are particularly delighted since Dave had the chance to meet Mika at the recent WRC in Finland, courtesy of our new friend Pekka Vihma’s generous hospitality. Dave, being an ex-pro superbike racer, had much to chat about with Mika, who aside from being extremely talented, is a superb guy and most gracious. Here’s a pic of the two of them together:

Dave with Mika Kallio at Rally Finland

And one of Pekka in action. He drove an excellent rally, finishing 31st overall and 10th in his class!

Pekka Vihma in action at Rally Finland 2009

Our sincere thanks to Pekka and our other Finnish friends for the wonderful welcome they all gave us! Here’s a link to my Facebook album with a few more photo’s from our trip: Finland 2009. Continue reading

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World Superbikes

On the subject of international sport, Joahnnesburg hosted the world superbikes this past weekend, at Kyalami. Dave, being an accredited photographer, had an absolute blast! It was fantastic to watch, and also to hear the commentary of our own star, Lance Isaacs. We’re proud of Sheridan Morias, South African rider who did well in both races, despite this being his first appearance in the series. Two of our nephews participated in the 600’s support race, Bjorn especially having a great ride, so well done to them! Unfortunately Regis Laconi had a serious accident. We were relieved to hear yesterday that things are looking much better for him. Our wishes go out for his swift recovery.

NORIYUKI HAGA - World Superbikes, Kyalami, South Africa
NORIYUKI HAGA – World Superbikes, Kyalami, South Africa

To view more of Dave’s images, here’s a link to his Facebook album: World Superbikes, Kyalami, 17 May 2009 or you can visit www.motorpics.co.za.

Dave raced professionally for nine years, representing South Africa at home and abroad, and still races motorbikes off-road. So does our friend, Tom Claasen, who’s done the Dakar Rally twice. His wife Sonja and I are thinking of writing a handbook for the wives of guys like these. It seems the need for speed, once in the blood, never recedes! Continue reading

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