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Dog Whispering Decision

Full credit to Dave for making the final call and getting it done. In fact, his nickname among certain work associates is get-it-done-Dave. Not for nothing. I might well have faltered, muddled by a mix of emotions. I’m talking about returning one of our puppies, Quilla, to their breeder. Regular blogging friends will remember her pretty little face. Well, that disguised unmitigated mayhem – mostly due to the dynamic between the two.

Sibling rivalry resulted in her inappropriately submissive behaviour, and constant hounding of our cat, and older dog. That’s when the puppies weren’t riling one another up. The peace that was impossible around both of them, has been palpable since she left, a few months ago. (Roof of Africa, re-opening our photographic studio and hosting a constant stream of visitors put blogging on the back-burner for a while.)

Don’t get me wrong, though. Quest is no angel, as you may see from his expression:

QUEST with both his ears up!

He had his sister’s help to disassemble the entire electric gate motor and distribute the sorry pieces around our property. Not so for the heap of hose ends, drain pipes, assorted car parts and my special pair of Silhouette glasses . . . the list goes on, but we love him 😀

We’ve also learned something about canine behaviour. You’d think we’d get it first time around, with Tex and his sister Pippa. She never seemed happy, succumbing eventually to ailments that plagued her from puppyhood. We put it down mainly to her personality, and the fact that she was a far more hyperactive, working dog type than her brother. In hindsight it was probably, at least in part, from being dominated by him.

The same scenario was playing out with Quilla. Our fabulous dog whisperer, Justin Jardim of Echo Personal Dog Training, our vet and various others in the know endorsed the decision to let her go. While siblings together can sometimes work, it’s apparently not the best idea. Understandable when you imagine spending your whole life with your own!

She is no doubt happier in her new home and Quest isn’t complaining. He’s spoilt with personal attention and one-on-one training. Here’s Justin in action, teaching him “Down”:

JUSTIN teaching QUEST the dynamics of “Down”

He’s catching on quickly, but we have a way to go with the chewing issue. Vix vapour rub isn’t standing its ground, so we may try chilli, following a post by the hilariously brilliant Kate Shrewsday. Visit her blog for outstanding writing and a serious LOL!

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Puppies’ First Swimming Lesson

‘Come quick! She’s in the pool!’ Merriam calls – earlier this afternoon.

EEK! MAD DASH . . . phew, Quilla’s fine, frolicking on the top step 😀 Quest hovers on the deck, nosing his sister anxiously. He’s totally unsure what to make of this. Meanwhile, I’m torn in two – the camera or the swimming costume?? Temptation wins! In I go, despite the chilly water. It’s a spectacular Jo’burg day, but still EARLY summer here.

However, the cold can’t compare to the captivating fun! Quest responds to coaxing, so the puppies launch together into their first swimming lesson. Both are cautious, preferring the security of the steps, but with support and playful urging they get into the game. Turns out Quest is a natural, innately confident at anything new. Quilla’s her mildly haywire self, sending far more water flying than nearly necessary. But at least it works for her 😀

Within a few tries they get the drift, also grasping where the steps are located. I’m chuffed about that, although this summer seems set for loads of soggy mayhem!

No pics in the pool, but here they are afterwards, sporting the wet look:

QUEST’s Wet Look

QUILLA’s Wet Look

And Tex looking on in his grandfatherly way. Swimming has never been his thing!

TEX in Grandfather mode

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Teddy bears or Terrorists?

In reality, neither. Just regular puppies, but they sure blast a whole new energy through the home! We’ve had our German Shepherd darlings for two weeks today and much as we adore them, I can’t pretend there aren’t moments of madness. Take Saturday morning, for example. No less than four steaming piles and two large puddles placed on the dining room rug. All within a most impressive ten minutes, not to mention before breakfast.

House training aside, they’re quite restrained. Nothing but the best for this thoroughbred pair. Only brand new socks, barely worn, will do. Although they have also rampaged through our recycling bins. Mind you, that could be considered civilized rubbish, since it is rinsed and separated. Then there’s the dining room chair that used to match so nicely . . .

Still, no matter the mess, those teddy bear eyes just make you melt:

QUEST showing off his well bred ears

QUILLA after romping through our freshly watered garden

I may be a pushover, but our older dog and cat definitely aren’t. They seem convinced of the Terrorists argument. And there’s no way they’re conceding without a fight. This is Jina staking her claim:

JINA staking her claim

and Tex surveying his territory:

TEX surveying his territory

Tough that I’m conflict avoidant, squarely in The Dog Whisperer’s category of humans who need training. Perhaps it’s time to tape every episode! Nevertheless, in all seriousness, we got these two for their lovable natures. And of course there’s the side benefit that we get lots of exercise, like Saturday’s session introducing them to their leads:

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