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SA’s Champion Lady Racer

Petite Nicole van Aswegen is perfectly at home mixing it up with the men. On the race track, no less. She and Janine Mitchell are the only two women who regularly compete in South Africa’s National Super Sport motorcycle racing class. As the 2010 – and first ever – winner of our all ladies’ 600cc class, Nicole was featured in last month’s issue of MCSA (MotorcyclingSA Magazine). Here’s a scan of the article:

Scan of Motorcycling SA’s article on Nicole van Aswegen

It was my pleasure to do Nicole’s promotional shoot, producing the two studio pics in the spread. Here are two more, for a little fun and glamour:

Nicole van Aswegen (photograph by Naomi Estment, OV&P Studio)

Nicole van Aswegen (photograph by Naomi Estment, OV&P Studio)

Nicole has achieved a lot, since starting out in 2006 on a 50cc bike. Gym and kick boxing keep her in peak condition, while she also works in the motorcycle industry, as a successful rep for MotoSport Distribution. Completely committed to racing, her heart is set on the international arena. In the meantime, she’s focused on defending her SA Ladies Champ title here at home. Way to go, Nicole!

For info about our studio, or to view portfolio images, please visit www.ovpstudio.com.

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2010 World Superbike & Supersport Championship – Kyalami

Being an ex-professional superbike racer and an accredited member of the South African Guild of Motoring Journalists, Dave loves few things more than attending an international race meeting, chatting to the riders and doing some fast-reflex photography. It was his particular pleasure that the last leg of the World Superbike and Supersport Championship was held here on our doorstep, at the Kyalami circuit in Johannesburg.

The weekend yielded flawless weather, awesome action and sensational wins by Eugene Laverty in the Supersport class:

EUGENE LAVERTY IN WINNING FORM – Kyalami Circuit, South Africa Continue reading

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Wonderful Western Cape

Since my last post which mentioned our trip to the Western Cape, we’ve struggled with a week of frustrating computer problems. It’s fabulous to have my toys working again, so that I can share some photo’s from this captivating province!

Here’s one taken at Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, with Table Mountain in the background:

V&A WATERFRONT & TABLE MOUNTAIN – Cape Town, South Africa Continue reading

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2010 BMW S 1000 RR

While on the subject of motorbikes, I won’t get away without mentioning my husband’s latest set of wheels, the sensational BMW S 1000 RR! As an ex-professional superbike racer, I’d say that Dave is qualified to comment 🙂 and in his opinion this little beauty has set a new benchmark in superbike technology. He rates it as “the meanest, baddest, wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing EVER!”

The ultimate endorsement is that the BMW S 1000 RR is dominating the 2010 World Superstock Races, having won the first two legs straight out of the starting blocks. For an overview of its awesome features, have a look at www.bmw-motorrad.com.

Here’s a quick pic of Dave with his personal darling, the acid green version:

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Remembering “The Roof”!

Dave and I had the extreme pleasure and adventure of attending “The Roof of Africa” Enduro race in Lesotho two weeks ago. We were both spectating, but only because he broke his jaw a fortnight before on a training ride (which I’m happy to say is healing extremely well :-)). He was most disappointed, also on behalf of his sponsors, Proaction / KTM.

Here’s a pic of the team, hard at work on race prep, with the Lesotho Sun hotel in the background:

. . . and another of the car-park, from the top of the hotel, which was one of the two main venues where the riders’ support was set up:

Pity about Dave’s accident, but it was possibly for the best, since the event was reportedly off-the-scale insane this year, with many riders forced to sleep in the mountains, including a mate of Dave’s who spent the night in a shepherd’s hut. Only a handful finished (after route adjustments), from a starting field of around 220. On corrected times, South Africa’s Jade Gutzeit came in third, behind two New Zealanders: Rory Mead and Chris Birch (winner for the second year running). Awesome ride, guys!!! Andreas Lettenbichler from Germany was going exceptionally well too, before his bike broke down a few km’s from the end.

This was the international contingent at riders’ briefing, including 1 lady!

Termed “The Mountain Kingdom” in honour of the MAGNIFICENT Maluti mountains, Lesotho is spectacularly beautiful. We got to see plenty, guided by our friends Sonja & Tom Classen (of Dakar fame – the second South African biker ever to finish that rally, twice!!). Despite Dave’s broken jaw and liquid diet, he and Tom did about 12 hours of hectic riding over the course of the weekend, even helping the finishers over the final mountain pass, which was WILD. Sonja and I watched from another peak, hardly believing our eyes where they were man-handling their motorbikes! They lifted Tom’s good friend Uli Pop (hardcore rider and route marker) and one of the cameramen from Throttle Entertainment, who was in search of (and found) some intense action footage. Keep a lookout for their DVD which should be out soon and will no doubt be mind-blowing!

This map shows the Time Trial Route on Day 1 – NOT for the faint-hearted:

For a better idea of what the competitors were up against, check out this YouTube video:
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World Superbikes

On the subject of international sport, Joahnnesburg hosted the world superbikes this past weekend, at Kyalami. Dave, being an accredited photographer, had an absolute blast! It was fantastic to watch, and also to hear the commentary of our own star, Lance Isaacs. We’re proud of Sheridan Morias, South African rider who did well in both races, despite this being his first appearance in the series. Two of our nephews participated in the 600’s support race, Bjorn especially having a great ride, so well done to them! Unfortunately Regis Laconi had a serious accident. We were relieved to hear yesterday that things are looking much better for him. Our wishes go out for his swift recovery.

NORIYUKI HAGA - World Superbikes, Kyalami, South Africa
NORIYUKI HAGA – World Superbikes, Kyalami, South Africa

To view more of Dave’s images, here’s a link to his Facebook album: World Superbikes, Kyalami, 17 May 2009 or you can visit www.motorpics.co.za.

Dave raced professionally for nine years, representing South Africa at home and abroad, and still races motorbikes off-road. So does our friend, Tom Claasen, who’s done the Dakar Rally twice. His wife Sonja and I are thinking of writing a handbook for the wives of guys like these. It seems the need for speed, once in the blood, never recedes! Continue reading

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