Move over BFF, we’re talking MBF

Mind you, “Best Friends Forever” is in many ways synonymous with “Man’s Best Friend”, at least as it applies to doggie years. It’s just the lifespan discrepancy that causes heartache. Still, the joy supercedes, so we come back for more of the same magic. As our beloved old boy, Tex, gradually prepares for a graceful parting with this world, our whirlwind puppy, Quest, is developing his inborn flair for the successor role.

While Tex’s tired legs can no longer match the eagerness of his spirit, Quest’s energy is boundless. Nothing delights him more than a super social, team walk. We often indulge him at a beautiful local park, which also forms part of our morning cycle route. Here are some glimpses of this favourite playground:

Dam at Marks Park, Johannesburg

Men with their dogs - Marks Park, Johannesburg

Now for some serious opposition to the theory of dogs looking like their owners: the miniature, airborne ball of fluff (in the middle) is Max, the Pekinese who belongs to Simon, the big tattooed, tough guy! Or the other way around, depending on your perspective, as so eloquently expressed in the movie Babe – where the animals speak and their respective people belong to them 😀

Already the bond between Dave and his dog is unbreakable. Quest would forego his food in favour of a car ride, to anywhere and everywhere Dave has to go. Aside from being a tough guy (and closet softie), Simon is a talented photographer as you can see on his blog, GotMilk Photography. He took this telling pic of Dave and Quest together:

Dave & Quest - Marks Park, Johannesburg

Although Quest excels as MBF, he still has time for his own BFF, and it seems there’s some truth to the saying that “opposites attract”. You guessed it: the German Shepherd and the Pekinese are best of friends. During a break from Quest tumbling Max like a dishwasher on full speed, Simon snapped this shot of them panting under a tree:

Max & Quest - Marks Park, Johannesburg

All told, however, I’d say Quest’s priorities are pretty clear. Dave is number one. They love hanging out together, engaged in male bonding, like watching sport on TV:

Dave & Quest hanging out together

In case you’re thinking I feel left out, not to worry. I have a personal WBF, in the form our gorgeous Norwegian Forest Cat, Jina. What could be cosier than a pre-dawn cuddle under the covers, with her gentle purr vibrating beside me?

Finally, an aside, following my last post: Dave is cycling above because an old lower-back injury from his pro racing days continues to haunt him, making walking any distance extremely painful. Recent intensifying of the pain, together with loss of feeling in his foot, necessitates a spinal fusion, which is scheduled for the first week of May.

This means that I won’t be posting a host of enduro articles, since he’ll be off his motorbike for about three months. We’re still going to Cape Town for a wedding and to visit family, though, so I’ll certainly share some photo’s from the Mother City. Have a wonderful few days in the meantime, everyone!

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27 Responses to Move over BFF, we’re talking MBF

  1. Cindy says:

    Lovely post and photos, Naomi and thanks for the link to Simon’s lovely blog.
    Best of luck to Dave for his op.

  2. Blessings to you and Dave. May his injury be entirely healed and his the spinal fusion be totally successful.

    Dogs are special. Their unconditional love is awesome. I, too, have a long-haired cat. Once a year I must cut mats out of his fur. Poor boy. He is a beauty. I’m sure your Norwegian Forest Cat is a beauty, also, purring next to you. How we love the purr.

    Thank you for the post! Blessings, Naomi…

    • Naomi says:

      Thank you for a lovely comment, Carol Ann. I will pass on your wonderful thoughts to Dave…and totally agree with your opinions about pets 🙂

  3. Ah, Naomi… I believe my beloved Yorkie, Toto–all 3 pounds of her– awaits Tex’s arrival. She will look after him, I’m sure.
    This post is lovely.

    • Naomi says:

      Thank you, Lin – you’re a sweetheart. I’ll whisper your message in Tex’s ear…well, maybe not whisper, since he’s really deaf now 🙂 Big hug and kiss to you, especially for Toto, XO

  4. nrhatch says:

    Aww . . . that photo of Quest bonding with Dave makes him seem like a big puddie cat!

    Good luck to Dave on the operation.

    • Naomi says:

      Thanks a ton, Nancy – also for the laugh! I have a feeling Jina might retort, along the lines of Quest not measuring up to her species 😀

  5. souldipper says:

    Hey, Naoms, check your “Jina” link. Is that what you meant to do? I am now suffering deprivation from an expected Jina fix. 😀

    Loved the photos. Quest is gorgeous which causes me to hope that Tex is taking the shift with dignity and decorum!

    All the best to Dave. I know that he will take it on as he does all things – with the utmost optimism and determination.

    Love to both of you, Naomi.

    • Naomi says:

      Thank you, Amy, and lots of love to you from us both!

      You’re right, Dave is approaching the surgery in excellent spirit – and Tex is as dignified as ever. He and Quest have a gracious understanding, despite Quest occasionally overstepping the mark in youthful exuberance. Mostly, this is directed towards Jina, who is only marginally more tolerant than Tex (usually if there’s catnip involved) 😀 Thanks for mentioning her link. It brings up all previous posts in which she’s mentioned, which I see now includes this one. Rather confusing…sorry! xo

  6. Beautiful photos. Praying that all goes well with the operation. Cuddling the pets will help I am sure.

  7. Chloe says:

    Hi Naomi – ah, your first paragraph brought tears to my eyes…because the idea of our beloved pets leaving this world really fills me with dread. You have expressed the love between man and dog perfectly well…and I can totally relate to that amazing bond with my own beautiful dog.

    Love the pics of Dave and Quest on the bike and also Max and Quest taking a break. They are just too cute…the dogs I mean! lol 😀

    Have a great week ahead my friend xx

  8. Tammy McLeod says:

    I really like the photo of Dave and Quest together. Would like to see Jina too.

  9. All the best to Dave for May. I’m sure sitting still doesn’t come easy to an action man like that!
    Quest: what can I say? Adorable.

    • Naomi says:

      Thank you, Kate 🙂 You’re on the button about Dave, but he’s bracing himself positively for the 6 weeks of recuperation, and really looking forward to being pain free.

      We do love Quest, especially when he’s not chewing things – expensive things!

  10. poor dave, wishimg him well for the op

    pekes seem to think they are big so maybe it’s the peke’s idea of himself that attracts the big guy

  11. Tokeloshe says:

    Thinking of you.
    Take care.

  12. Jamie Dedes says:

    Oh, lovely. What a wonderful place for a pup to grow-up.

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