Saving a Turtle

Another big thank you to Hills of Africa Travel – for being simply the best! Today, they’ve featured the second part of their interview about my novel (chick-lit/romance) on their blog: Out of Air: A Story of Sheer Inspiration – Part II.

In case you’re wondering about the book’s title, a fellow writer and student on my first novel-writing course, Leilani Basson, suggested it during a brainstorming session. This followed a discussion about the inspiration, which includes scuba diving. Dave is a long-time instructor, and introduced me to it almost twenty years ago.

We shared an amazing experience once, when he saved a giant leatherback turtle from running out of air. It was held fast to the sea bed by three fishing lines, attached to triple-hooks in its mouth. Wedging his diving knife handle into the huge beak, Dave gradually worked the hooks out, freeing the turtle to come up for air. Through it all (15 – 20 minutes), it seemed to relax into a kind of trance, as if realizing he was there to help.

This is one of my most special underwater memories, contributing to certain key scenes in Out of Air, as well as the title. Metaphorically, it relates to Gina’s breathless state of being as she strives to navigate the storms of her search for true love.

I don’t have a photo of the leatherback, but here’s a loggerhead sea turtle instead:

EYE TO EYE WITH A TURTLE - Indian Ocean, Mozambique


My sincere thanks to Leilani, and especially Dave. Without him, Out of Air would not exist – for countless reasons.

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25 Responses to Saving a Turtle

  1. linda says:

    Yeah Dave! Since I have asthma I know what it feels like literally to be “out” of air. But the three fishing hooks oh my gosh that had to be painful. Poor turtle. So glad you guys helped it.

    • Naomi says:

      Thanks, Linda!

      Sorry to hear about your asthma, which means you would likely not be allowed to dive. A girl on my course was asthmatic, but didn’t tell the instructor. She landed up having an attack underwater, and had to be held down by him because it’s too risky to bullet to the surface (can burst your lungs). She was fine, but what a potent lesson in the potential risks.

      As far as the turtle goes, I’m guessing it didn’t feel much pain because the inside of its mouth was tough and leathery. The issue was being trapped, and unable to surface for air, which they need to do every so often. It was a blessing for Dave to save it 🙂

  2. linda says:

    It’s all beautiful. Wish I wasn’t afraid to fly!

  3. The three pages are beautiful. The scenery in the one called venues are fabulous! Blessings, Naomi…

  4. nrhatch says:

    Yay for Dave! Hoorah for the turtle!

    Your pages are gorgeous.

  5. yaay Dave!

    He is a special man, isn’t he?

  6. souldipper says:

    Naomi, the longer I know Dave and you, the more I am in awe of you both. It’s not just what you have done, but also how you do it – such care.

    I’m off to visit the link to the second part of the interview. I hope this is just the ticket to set things rolling for you, Naoms.

  7. Such exciting times, Naomi! And beautiful pictures too….best of luck as things gather momentum!

  8. Jingle says:

    Happy Belated Valentine…

    hope you well.

  9. Well done, Dave.
    Congrats’ on your book, Naomi. Will have to check it out.
    Thank you for posting the pics. Just lovely. Turtles in Native American culture are symbolic of the earth. 🙂 Apropos nothing! Just a personal facination.

    • Naomi says:

      Delighted to discover that, thank you, Jamie! Turtles are among my all-time favourites. We’ve missed their hatching by a day or two before (in Mozambique) – which I’d love to see, but don’t think I could hold myself back from protecting the babies…

      Thanks so much from us both for your wonderful support!

  10. Tokeloshe says:

    Absolutely stunning photos!

  11. Kim says:

    Yes, save the turtles 😀
    I had two turtles when I was young :S

  12. Naomi says:

    Couldn’t agree more, especially with the appalling devastation going on.

    Lucky you to have had two!

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