Raising ‘The Roof’!

What a WILD few days – The Roof of Africa 2010, which concluded on Saturday in Lesotho. Fittingly tough for “The Mother of Hardenduro”, it took no prisoners, conceding twenty-two gold medal finishers from a field of about two hundred and sixty. Twenty-four riders earned silver medals and a mere six took home the bronzes. Phenomenal achievements all! The war stories brought tears to the eyes and huge respect to the heart. This event that traverses the massive Maluti mountains, is not for sissies! Unfortunately, after a solid start, Dave’s race ended in a DNF when his motor blew halfway through Friday’s gruelling stint. Here are a few photo’s that tell a snippet of our story:

Team Ysterperd's opening pit talk

Bike Prep - Roof of Africa 2010

DAVE racing 'around the houses' on Thursday - Maseru, Roof of Africa 2010

Parked in Friday's boggy pits - Roof of Africa 2010

DAVE's bike in Friday's starting queue - Roof of Africa 2010

DAVE pulling off on Friday - Roof of Africa 2010

Team Ysterperd pit crew doing their thing - Roof of Africa 2010

Team Ysterperd pit crew at another DSP - Roof of Africa 2010

DAVE in good humour at the end of his race - Roof of Africa 2010

Ramabanta DSP - Roof of Africa 2010

Chilling at Ramabanta DSP - Roof of Africa 2010

Photographing on the dreaded Bushman's pass - Roof of Africa 2010

Another view from the top of Bushman's pass - Roof of Africa 2010

Rider's view of the finish line - Roof of Africa 2010

All in all, this year’s ‘Roof’ raised the bar. It was way better organized and more spectator-friendly than last year’s, drawing crowds of fans and some top international competitors. These were headed up by New Zealander Chris Birch, who won spectacularly for the third time in a row, followed by South Africa’s own Jade Gutzeit and Germany’s Andreas Lettenbichler, ‘Lettie’ for short. Here they are at the Red Bull finish line:

CHRIS BIRCH at the finish line - Roof of Africa 2010

CHRIS BIRCH's smile after winning the Roof of Africa 2010

JADE GUTZEIT at the finish line - Roof of Africa 2010

JADE GUTZEIT with his wife Rina after the Roof of Africa 2010

LETTIE tossing his bike - Roof of Africa 2010

LETTIE punching the air - Roof of Africa 2010

LETTIE after finishing The Roof of Africa 2010

Champagne on the podium - Roof of Africa 2010

To read more about all the guts and glory, visit: www.roof-of-africa.com, and for loads more photo’s, here’s a link to Dave’s Facebook album: Roof of Africa 2010.

Sincere THANKS to all our friends who helped us tremendously, huge CONGRATS to the winners and WELL DONE to everyone who took part! One thing’s for sure: our deposit will be paid the moment booking opens for next year.

Now, just in case you’re thinking the event is all about the riders, this video explains a whole lot more:

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24 Responses to Raising ‘The Roof’!

  1. Cindy says:

    Is it OK if I ask Greg to guest blog this on blabla?
    Hope you had a super birthday yesterday 🙂

    • Naomi says:

      With pleasure, Cindy, that would be cool! I had a wonderful time, thank you 🙂 Can’t wait to get back into reading your fabulous blog too – just running crazy this last while!

  2. souldipper says:

    What a competition. Sorry about Dave’s experience, but ever the good sport…! And in one piece. 🙂 Hope they did a special tribute to the photographer’s birthday.

    • Naomi says:

      He was really great about it, Amy – earned even more respect! And of course, it took the stress off me early, which was wonderful, I can’t deny 🙂

      Actually one of our friends celebrated her birthday at the Roof (mine was afterwards), so she brought a huge tub of chocolate cake, complete with bright blue icing because she’s a staunch Yamaha fan!

  3. Sandy Salle says:

    So much fun reading your story and seeing your beautiful photos. I know Dave must have been gutted, after all his hard training, shame. He did exceptionally well though, and I’m sure your stresses of him having injuries made it all the better. Proud of you Dave and Naomi.

    • Naomi says:

      Ah, thanks so much, Sandy! xo

      Many guys were gutted after the better part of a year’s training – a few from mechanical failure, including a friend who is a top rider, another who was running in third place but injured his foot badly, loads that were time-barred and even an excellent rider who collided with an in-the-way photographer right near the start, ending his race…to each his own epic tale!

  4. Wow! When I was little I used to dream about having a motorcycle one day. The closest I ever got was a boyfriend with an off road bike–that was sooooo much fun. I wonder if you ride, Naomi?
    Thanks for the ‘ride’.

    • Naomi says:

      Great pleasure, Lin! Actually, I can picture you having a go on a bike, and loving it 😀 I think I would’ve too when I was younger. As for more recently, I’ve puttered around a bit, but have no hope of keeping up with Dave, so leave it to him…also, it’s quite cool for one of us to stay whole, so I’m happy to volunteer!

  5. Naomi, fabulous photos and commentary, and such a treat for me sitting on a little dark rainy island to see all the stunning scenery which formed the backdrop to the event. Being part of something like this is such an amazing achievement. Congartulations to you both 🙂

  6. Or even congratulations!

  7. Lance says:

    Looks like a real adrenaline rush!!! (Sorry to hear it didn’t end as planned for Dave…but I’m sure it was still a thrill to compete!!)

  8. Tokeloshe says:

    Wow what an adventure !

    Great post and excellent photos.
    Great action shots.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Looks like everybody had a great time….I’ve not been on a dirt-bike in about 12 years.


    • Naomi says:

      Ah, so you’re a dirt biker too, Raven – as well as a great photographer…all the best pastimes! Would love to see some more of your work 🙂

  10. nrhatch says:

    Spectacular montage of the event!

  11. Heart says:

    Holy cr*p!! Your life is so adventurous, and I keep thinking, I am the one who is challenging it all 😉 Great to see you back Naomi!! And love the pictures, hope Dave did not injure himself, and as my son says, mom it’s OK not to win a price, participation is key.. Of course, I am mad at him when he gives me those words of wisdom, because I know he is too little and being lazy to try hard.. Ha ha..
    The pictures I absolutely like are “DAVE racing ‘around the houses'” and “DAVE in good humour at the end of his race” .. Great angle shots!

    • Naomi says:

      THANKS, Rachana – you’re a sweetheart! Dave didn’t injure himself at all, which I’m hugely grateful for, especially in light of his countless past injuries. Your son sounds right on the money! I’ll pass his advice on to Dave for next year’s racing season 😉

  12. Tammy McLeod says:

    Naomi, these photos really capture the jubilation of the event! And it was your birthday also? Happy Year! I love the faces of the riders and the rugged terrain. Thanks for sharing.

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