New WordPress features

THANK YOU, WordPress, for your phenomenal and ongoing innovation – you’re simply the Best!!!

Readers, you will see that there is a new SocialVibe widget on the right hand column of this blog, which offers you a way to help the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), my chosen organisation. Simply click on it to participate, and Timberland (as the selected sponsor) will make a donation accordingly!

Equally cool is the VodPod widget (about half-way down) which displays my favourite videos for immediate reference, starting with one of Dave handling an African Rock Python! Watch that space, as I’m working on adding more ‘wild’ ones…

Another great feature is the option you now have to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts via email (provided by a box near the top of the right-hand column). Please do!

If you don’t have a blog, I HIGHLY recommend it. Best of all, it’s totally free 🙂

About Naomi

Personal branding photographer, videographer, speaker and trainer, helping visionary leaders shine on camera and become the star of their premium brand!
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