The Penguin Lady

Social Media is such an incredible connection gift…that never stops giving!

I’ve just come across an amazing person, Dyan deNapoli, on Twitter. According to her Facebook Fan Page (The Penguin Lady), she “presents compelling educational programs about penguin behavior, biology and conservation that are sure to be a hit with audiences of any age. A portion of the proceeds from every appearance is donated to penguin rescue groups.” Despite being based in Georgetown, MA, she is doing wonderful work to help our African Penguins too!

Here’s one of her messages: “Looking for the perfect holiday gift for the penguin/animal lover who has everything? Buy penguin nest boxes in their name and help save a species!! African penguins are in deep trouble and need our help. The population is now half of what it says below – just 55,000 birds are left. You can purchase nesting boxes at But first, watch the short video below to learn a little bit more. Thank you and happy holidays!

Ditto that & thank you so much for sharing, Dyan!

To view more, here’s a link to my Facebook album, with some photo’s of the Boulders Beach colony (Simon’s Town, South Africa), which Dave took in October: Soul Safari 2009 – African Penguins.

Growing up near Cape Town, with a father who sailed on our national research ships, we were privileged to be introduced to these engaging little birds at a young age. Similarly to Dyan’s mission, my intention is to donate a portion of the proceeds from my first novel towards helping our African Penguins (see My Books page on this blog) 🙂

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2 Responses to The Penguin Lady

  1. Naomi,

    Thanks so much for the mention on your blog! Anything we can do to help each other spread the word about these important conservation issues will only benefit the animals and the environment. These voiceless creatures truly need us to be their advocates. Kudos to you and your husband on the work are doing – his photographs are just beautiful! Would love to chat with you sometime on Skype. Good luck with your books!

    Warm Regards,
    Dyan deNapoli – The Penguin Lady

    • Naomi says:

      GREAT pleasure, Dyan 🙂

      It’s so uplifting to discover how much is being done for our wildlife by special people like you around the world. All credit to you and best of luck with YOUR book!! Please keep us posted on the progress. It would be great to chat on Skype. I’m a beginner with it, but will try to look you up…

      All the very best,


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