Remembering Patrick Swayze

We were saddened to hear earlier this week of the passing of Patrick Swayze, one of Hollywood‘s Hottest 🙂 Like countless fans around the world, our sincerest thoughts are with his wife, family and friends. For us, this is a reminder of my father’s battle with pancreatic cancer, which he fell prey to in 1998. In general too, it highlights how fleeting the vibrancy of youth is, and the consequent urge to live life to its fullest.

Although I haven’t done much training (beyond 5 years of childhood ballet), dancing has always been a big passion. Few movies stirred me quite as much as ‘Dirty Dancing‘, and credit for that goes to Patrick Swayze. He was simply sensational, also in the unforgettable ‘Ghost‘.

My thanks to for including a feature on this awesome actor in their online magazine, which I highly recommend for all that’s hot!

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