Catch the wave

I’ve mentioned this before (in previous Writing Tips), but can’t emphasize enough how much value I have gained from the Telesummits presented by Art of the Song Creativity Radio and Eric Maisel, PhD. This morning, while rowing at the gym, I listened via ipod to a download of the talk by Susan Raeburn, PhD. She spoke about collaborating on writing a book, specifically a self-help book, “Creative Recovery”, which she wrote with Eric Maisel.

In the course of the hour, she mentioned a most compelling metaphor, to help with the process of getting ‘in the flow’ of writing (or any creative activity for that matter). Drawing on her experience of surfing, she explained how that requires the effort of paddling out through the breaking waves, in all kinds of weather, struggling a bit, getting dunked periodically, before reaching the calmer place where you can catch a wave. Even then, sometimes wiping out, but other times catching and riding it: that all-consuming, euphoric experience of being ‘in the flow’.

Her particular advice was to realize – and accept – that every time you return to your creative work the same effort is required, like paddling out behind the breaking waves. As she suggested, this metaphor can be adapted to anything you enjoy that has significance for you.

If you’re not familiar with the Telesummits, then do yourself a favour and have a look here:www. Even if you missed the live broadcasts, you can still purchase the dowloads, which contain all the pearls 🙂

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